Wishing Star?

Star light, star bright…
Why do we wish on the stars at night?
Why don’t we wish on the sun’s glow?
Why must the stars begin to show
Before we make our wishes known?
Is there some kind of magic
Or force we cannot see
That guides the stars to come
To align and wishes bring?
If there is such a magic
Or such a force to see
Will it reveal to me
What I do not see?
What is the purpose
And the plan for my life?
Who am I in the world
But a speck in heaven’s eye.
I do not understand,
Why we wish in such a way.
But still I close my eyes
To wish as meteors appear.
Star light, star bright…
Falling stars I see tonight,
I wish, how I wish,
To understand my life…


Mind Bind

“Diamonds are a girls best friend.” Silky smooth, his words grated against her ears.

“Get up.” Snapping she jerked her head towards him.

Rising from where he had been kneeling with the ring, frowning, “I’ll take that as a no?”

Her brilliant crystal blue eyes flashed magically. “Binds can be broken. Free spirit wings are what I need.”

Sighing he lowered his hands, black whisps of smoke trailing from where the ring had been. “What do you want of me?” His tone was despair.

Auburn locks fell over those blue natural diamonds. “Release me.” Jerking at golden chain shackles, that were pinning her arms above her head.

“But…” Sorrow.

“You will not find happiness in my bondage.”

He sighed, gestured ever so slightly, bony fingers. The chains disappeared whisp of black.

She landed gracefully in a crouch. Slowly standing, sophisticated grace. Thin, beautiful… his breath caught.

“Release me.” She said, words bitten out.

“Forgive me,” he sighed, eyes searching the floor. “I cannot.”

Air disappeared from him as she threw him back against the wall, choked from slender hands.

“I said…” Eyes suddenly flashed brilliant violet. ” Release me.”

He smiled sadly and disappeared from her hands.

“What?” She gasped. Darkness suddenly filled the room, choked the air, suffocated black. She clawed at the wall. “Release me!”

“I’m sorry…” his pained voice. “I cannot.”

Silence as she slid into nothingness. No scream could come from her wide mouth.

“I’d release you if I could…” his voice came. “But you are already bound within your mind.”

Dragons & Heroes

Dark feathers fall likes snowflakes,
blood upon their tips.
Circling spirling downwards,
death on angel’s lips.
Forward all casscading,
the plunge along she takes.
Hoping for a hero,
whose heart alone mistakes.
Darkness swoops downward,
dragon’s breath rests her skin.
Claws of iron smelting,
capture her again.
Eyes of fire seething,
yet no fear along may be.
For though an angel’s falling
dragon’s heroes all will see.


Fallen starlight upon meadows dark
Silent moonlight with shadows stark
Ever gleaming in the darkness shine
Glimmers of hope that once were mine
Reaching ever ward towards the daybreak
Struggling against the darkest fear quake
Knowing and believing yet fighting still
To reach upwards beyond dismal hill
Towards the new day the bright beyond
To hope springing up brightly dawned
Fearing naught but the glorious one
Eagerly awaiting the rising sun

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Hi! I am a happily married stay at home mom of four children who I love so very much.

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