Can We Stop and See?


How often do we sit and watch the sun just rise? Or watch the sun just set?

So often life becomes busy, we finding ourselves overwhelmed, rushed through the day. Worry, anxiety, depression. Rush, rush, rush. Sleep rough, less than needed, run through the day, rush, hurry, here we go again, then late to bed, and repeat.

Do we stop for a moment and see the day as it truly is? The light of the golden morning, the clouds whisping across the sky, the tinkng of raindrops, the whispers of breeze or the howls of the wind? Or are our focus on too cold, too hot, too windy, too bright, and so on? 

If we stop, if we breathe, if we wait… slow down… then can we see? It is up to you.


Talk about a lot going on!

On Friday, I spent the day with my husband and enjoyed each other’s company.

Saturday, I found myself distracted and then surprised with an unexpected date with my husband.

Sunday, something I ate made me very sick, then that evening my youngest son broke his finger so we were in emergency for awhile.

Monday, I was looking to get back on track with chores, writing, and inking. That plan changed when I took a nasty tumble down the basement stairs. Large bruises on my left leg, thigh, and hip. Pain and couldn’t focus, just concentrated on resting and not moving.

Tuesday, pain was worse and spent the day resting and sleeping.

Today, today I feel less pain and am able to try, emphasis “try”, to get back on track. Blogging and inking here I come!

All that said, I wish to send a little encouragement to those out there with days like these. It’s okay! It’s okay to take a break, rest, relax, and heal. Everything extra can wait. Be patient with yourself, give yourself a little grace. Peace and calm is needed for healing.

My Friday

Yesterday I found myself running busy from the morning coffee until falling asleep on the bed while speaking my husband at 8 o’clock-ish. The sun was shining which helped with the mood of business.

But it wasn’t all bad occupying work that took my time. No, on the contrary. I spent the day with my husband. In each others presence, we enjoyed company, coffee, a walk, conversation, lunch, then just time together, quality time. Those moments were special, precious, treasured.

What do you do with your significant other? How was your Friday?

Rain Tears

The rain drips slowly

Gloom hangs low

When tears are falling

Time seems slow

Darkness bringing

Dreary blue so near

Sadness and anger

Then add in fear

I will error

And hurt you again

Never wanting

To lose a friend

I will try now

To fix this pain

But all I feel

Sadness again

I will fail you

Yet try no more

Will you forgive me?

Tears upon the floor

Self Love

In my self-care study, I have been journaling and the one topic I have struggled with the most is “Five Things I Love About Myself”. I am literally still working on it and started three days ago.

It is difficult to love yourself, isn’t it? Or is it just me?

I am not one to blog very well on self-love so I will simply share a few links today of some good self-love articles and tips that I thought were very wise.

“Self-Care and Self-Love Are Different, but Here’s Why You Need Both“

Self-Care and Self-Love Are Different, but Here’s Why You Need Both

Love Yourself First: Why You Should Practice Self-Care

“5 Ways to Put Self-Love Into Action”

Disclaimer: The above articles and links are not mine but other writer’s works.

Self-Care In Progress

A friend of mine on Twitter, thoughtswithN, (, has encouraged me greatly and I have currently been going through a self-care booklet she has made.

I have been taking my time working through it and often just thinking on the topics. My current focus is the journaling topic. Addressing certain topics about myself and attempting to discern what I desire and wish. It has been difficult in some topics such as “Things I would like to change about/in my life right now” and “If I could change one relationship in my life”. Now I could just jot down each answer that comes to my mind but I have focused on self-reflection. My answers and the “why” behind them.

What a hard topic I face some days! The one I answered recently was “My biggest fear for myself.” I thought long and hard and summed it up in this sentence “I am afraid of failing everyone I know and love completely and unforgivably.” A true fear. I know we all fail sometimes, that there is forgiveness, that we learn and move on. But what about failing and not being forgiven? An difficult concept I am still trying to work through in my mind. This fear can become consuming and prevent me from seeing those who “do” forgive and “do” reconcile, prevent me from seeing that it is difficult to fail utterly and completely.

How would you deal with such a fear? I am still trying to work through it in my mind.

Fireproof It

Disclaimer: This blog is intended to uplift and encourage but understand it may not be for everyone.

This past week my husband and I watched the movie “Fireproof”. I firmly believe it wise for any believer to watch this movie. It has made a difference in my life and my relationship with my husband has changed and grown so much just in the past week.

We are planning on beginning the “Love Dare”, a book based off the movie intended to strengthen a couples relationship. This too I encourage couples to try. Links to the movie and book are listed below.

May your day be awesome and weekend blessed.


Love Dare