Talk about a lot going on!

On Friday, I spent the day with my husband and enjoyed each other’s company.

Saturday, I found myself distracted and then surprised with an unexpected date with my husband.

Sunday, something I ate made me very sick, then that evening my youngest son broke his finger so we were in emergency for awhile.

Monday, I was looking to get back on track with chores, writing, and inking. That plan changed when I took a nasty tumble down the basement stairs. Large bruises on my left leg, thigh, and hip. Pain and couldn’t focus, just concentrated on resting and not moving.

Tuesday, pain was worse and spent the day resting and sleeping.

Today, today I feel less pain and am able to try, emphasis “try”, to get back on track. Blogging and inking here I come!

All that said, I wish to send a little encouragement to those out there with days like these. It’s okay! It’s okay to take a break, rest, relax, and heal. Everything extra can wait. Be patient with yourself, give yourself a little grace. Peace and calm is needed for healing.

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